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Purpose Statement

The purpose of Phantom Ranch is to provide many kinds of camping opportunities to the community. Camping opportunities include summer camp programs, retreats, off ground adventure camping programs, day events, and other appropriate camp opportunities.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Phantom Ranch is to help people draw closer to God through great camp experiences.

Our Vision is that every person who spends time at Phantom Ranch will find a place that is near to God, set apart, free from prejudice, and full of hope, service, and opportunity. Where all are welcome, all are loved, all are respected.

The Aim is to share the gospel of Christ and teach God's Word for daily living while enjoying God's creation in our unique setting.


Our goal is to provide 'Excellence in Christian Camping' to church groups, organizations, and outdoor education groups. Our facilities are available year-round for group rentals with several weeks in the summer and winter set aside for our own special programming for grades 3 through 12. In addition, the Phantom Ranch Adventure Trip Program is ready to meet the off-site needs of your group through the spring, summer, and fall months.


Phantom Ranch is led by a Board of Directors. Olen Johnsen is the Executive Director. Directors serve a four year term. New Directors are approved by the Board of Directors and the Elders of Midwest Bible Church. The property of Phantom Ranch is owned by Phantom Ranch Bible Camp and Midwest Bible Church, Chicago IL.
photo of youth having fun at Phantom Ranch

Phantom Ranch

Phantom Ranch Bible Camp is nestled on the shores of a spring-fed lake in beautiful southeastern Wisconsin. Offering a year-round camping and retreat experience, it's a fitting escape from everyday life. No matter what the season, excitement and opportunities for spiritual growth can be found on our spacious 111-acres of facilities.


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Retreats. Our mission is to help people draw closer to God through great camp experiences.
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