Adventure Camping

How often do you connect with your students?

Adventure Trips provide a unique opportunity for groups to get out of comfort zones. Relying on each other, while being in God's creation. An event that your group will remember for their entire life. Along with the amazing benefits a trip offers your group it is just plain old fun!

Phantom Ranch Bible Camp

Our program offers a unique program designed to give groups the ultimate in adventure camping trips. The purpose is to impact lives for Christ. Our mission is to provide planning, outfitting, and guides for your trip so that group leaders can focus on developing the lives of those who are in their group. Phantom Ranch provides complete food service, and all of the equipment for your trip, including tents. Experienced guides lead your trip, provide for your safety, and share their Christian faith in both words and actions.

Everything; including food service, equipment, guiding, and customer service will be done in a professional manner with your unique needs in mind.

We can serve many different types of groups

  • Youth (Jr. or Sr. High)
  • Men's or Women's
  • Father Child (sons or daughters or both!)
  • Schools
  • Co-workers
  • College age
  • Singles ministry
  • Church small groups

Our service is valuable

  • We provide all the gear so you won't have to scramble to find gear for just one trip.
  • Our guides are highly trained to lead all the activities which creates a safer environment.
  • It enables the group leadership to focus on changing lives and not on all the logistics.
  • The Adventure Trip program has been serving and meeting the needs of groups for over 30 years.
  • We know how to have fun!

    Your group benefits

    • A unique opportunity to bond with group members.
    • Time spent outside having fun!
    • Great chances to get away from everyday distractions and have conversation that would not have happened at home.
    • Getting people out of their comfort zones.
    • An experience that will be remembered for lifetime.

    "We came with the expectation for our incoming freshman to get connected and that happened"

    Why should I do this list
    50/50 Bring A Friend
    Retreats. Our mission is to help people draw closer to God through great camp experiences.
    High School Mission Team. You can serve and grow where you love to be.

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