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What makes Phantom Ranch Adventure Trips unique?
Phantom Ranch Adventure Trips are unique in that they are individually designed with your groupís needs in mind. Whether your group is looking for a fun getaway weekend, or a mentally, physically, and spiritually challenging week; our guides tailor each trip to your groupís need and expectations.

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Who are the Trip Guides?
Phantom Ranch Adventure Trip Guides are carefully selected each season. Our guides are well-suited for their positions. All Adventure Trip Guides are followers of Jesus Christ and are always pursuing their relationship with Him. With that in mind, our guides are excellent role models and friends for participants. Most of our guides are pursuing their undergraduate degree, or recently graduated from college. They are bright, energetic, hard-working, caring adults with a healthy sense of humor and love sharing their passion for Jesus Christ and their love for the outdoors with our participants.

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How safe are adventure trips?
Adventure trips are very safe, although the perceived risks involved differ for every individual. The Adventure Trip Guides are with your group every step of the way offering their trained and certified safety skills and knowledge. All activities include an orientation to inform participants of the necessary safety precautions they need to take, and the safety precautions the guides offer throughout the activity.

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Who can go on an adventure trip?
Anyone Ė really. If you are a member of a group and you are looking for a new experience, weekend getaway, a few days to encourage your group to come together as a team, an experience that will impel participants to step out of their comfort zones, check out our adventure trips. We are very flexible and want to design a trip that will meet your group, exactly where they need to be met. You come up with some general goals for your groupís development and growth, and we will do our best to create experiences for your group to grow in these areas.

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What if I have no previous camping experience?
No problem. Our guides are there to answer your questions and provide support when needed. Just come prepared with a positive attitude, adventurous spirit, and a willingness to participate and you will have a great time.

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What length of trip should my group take?
The answer to this question is up to you and how you would like to see your group grow through the experience.

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Do Phantom Ranch Adventure Trip Guides have any medical certifications?
All Adventure Trip Guides are certified in First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer. Some guides have extensive medical training and are certified Wilderness First Responders. All guides participate in a 6 day intensive training where they learn technical skills, emergency action procedures, and test their judgment in simulations.

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What will we eat while we are on our trip?
Our guides develop well-balanced meals for each and every trip. With the exception of backpacking trips, the Phantom Ranch Guides will prepare meals throughout your trip, allowing your group to relax and fellowship with each other. Some meal options include; grilled chicken, fried potatoes, pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, spaghetti, corn, applesauce, Italian beef, etc.

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Where will we sleep on our adventure trip?
The Adventure Trip Guides will prepare the campsite before your group arrives. Tents will be set up, and can sleep between 4 and 6 students. Participants are required to provide their own sleeping bag, and sleeping pad if they desire.

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Are there bathrooms and/or showers at the campsites?
With the exception of backpacking and some canoeing trips, all campsites have pit and flush toilets. Campsites also have showers (for an extra fee).

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