Rafting Trips on the Wolf River


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This river runs right through the heart of the Nicolet National Forest and Menominee County. The environment is great, with wide tracks of forest, beautiful river scenes, and excellent camping facilities. You can get to the river in under 4 hours from Milwaukee and under 6 hours from Chicago.

What is it like?

Rafting is a fun activity that takes up most of the day. The river alternates between rapids and waterfalls and calm floating sections. There are 3 waterfalls over 5 feet high, and a total of 6 rapids on the section of river that we generally run. There are several places where your group can swim the rapids under the supervision of our trained guides.

Typical Itinerary

Generally a group will arrive in the afternoon or evening of the first day, raft on the second day, and leave in the morning of the third day. On a four day trip, there would be two days of rafting.


Beyond the unique activity and the way that students will be out of their comfort zones, a river trip gives the youth leader a good way to connect with students. You may choose to spend the day talking with one student, or catching up with an old friend, or going from raft to raft encouraging along the way.

Group Sizes and Fees

  • Groups on raft trips can range in size from 12 - 75, including leaders.
  • A three day trip with 5 meals starts at $148 per person. Price discounts with more people.
  • A four day trip with 8 meals starts at $224. Price discounts with more people.
  • Full price list is available on our web site.
  • Price does not include transportation or parking fees.

Activity Level

  • Raft trips are for ages starting at 6th grade.
  • Participants should be comfortable in the water, and able to swim with a life jacket.

"I thought that the trip provided us with the right balance of spiritual challenge, team building, and devotional reflection"

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