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Camp Scholarship Fund

Our goal is to make sure that no child stays at home because of money. Please prayerfully consider how you can provide scholarship funds.
Your contributions are a great investment and have real value. 100% of the Scholarship Fund will be used to provide scholarships to Summer Camp and Urban Ministries Camp.

Urban Ministries Fund

The Urban Ministries Fund is used to provide camping experiences for students who live in an urban environment. The two primary camps that this fund currently pays for is Urban Camp and youth attending our Summer Camp programs.

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Support Phantom Ranch

Our budget is set up so that fees cover our operating expenses, and donations pay for improvements and scholarships. This means that 100% of your gift is used as designated.

We are thankful for so many who give to the ministry of Phantom Ranch. Every dollar is important and is a real investment in the lives of the children who come to camp.

Taste of Camp - If your child has never been a camper at Phantom Ranch, this day is designed to help them (and their parent!) feel more comfortable and decrease feelings of homesickness. Take a tour, meet our staff, and try some of our activities!
Day at Camp - This event is open to everyone, whether you are new to Phantom Ranch, or have enjoyed many experiences at Phantom Ranch. You are invited. Enjoy a fun day at Phantom Ranch! There'll be food and activities in the great outdoors.
50/50 Bring A Friend
Retreats. Our mission is to help people draw closer to God through great camp experiences.
High School Mission Team. You can serve and grow where you love to be.

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