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Climbing Center

The primary climbing wall will be about 30 feet tall and have a total of 32 linear feet of climbing space. It will be provided by Nikros Climbing Systems (A.R.T. System). The back wall of the climbing room is available for an additional climbing wall, traverse walls and high ropes elements. The preparation room will feature a loft for observation. We will be installing a ‘faith jump’ which is a platform about 18 feet high from which a person will jump out to ring a bell. A rope and harness will catch and lower them down.

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As of Jan 2019 we have raised $251,209. To finish building we still need at least $74,000.


Main Climbing Wall: $120,000 (Nikros ART System Wall)

Memorial Elements: $5000

Building: $175,000

Climbing Elements: $25,000

Total Building Cost: $325,000

More Information

For those who like to know more, we have put together a document about the Climbing Center. This document describes the purpose of the building, why we decided to build this building, and why we are not going to be building a new Canteen at this time.

Climbing Center Information

If you have any other questions, or would like to find out how you can help with this building contact Olen Johnsen, Executive Director, at the camp office - 262-363-6940

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