Camp Activities

Board Games
Cost: Free with Retreat
Board games are available in the Dining Hall
Camp Games
Cost: Free with Retreat
A variety of camp games are available in our central camp area
GaGa Ball, Tetherball, Ping Pong, and Carpet Ball
Team Building
Cost: $8/guest for one hour or $15/guest for two hours
15 guests per instructor
Course can be used to develop unity, leadership skills, abstract thinking, and much more. Activities include: initiative wall, spider web, faith fall, number log, island hopping, the spinning spool and more.


Farm Animal Class
Cost: $15 per person
45 minute class
This is a hands on experience for animal lovers of all ages. The class consists of a 45 minutes of learning about different types of animals commonly found on a farms, such as: horses, sheep, rabbits, chickens, etc.
Level 1 Horsemanship Clinic
Cost: $40
1 hr and 30 min clinic including a trail ride and horse care class.
This is a great horse class for horse lovers. The class consists of a 45 min trail ride and a lesson about horses and horse care. The class covers feeding, medication, grooming, etc. Students will have hands on grooming experience.
Trail Rides
Cost: $30
45 min trail rides including orientation
Groups can pre-schedule horseback trail rides for their members with our retreat coordinator, weather permitting. The fee for overnight groups is discounted by $20 per person.


Cost: $15 per hour for overnight retreats
Outdoor Archery Range
The outdoor archery range has three targets, and shooting positions from three different distances. The Ranch provides excellent equipment for your group to use. Each retreat group is required to provide a qualified leader to supervise this activity. During summer camp qualified counselors supervise the activity.
Cost: Free with Retreat
1 full size basketball court, and one half court
Basketballs available at courts.
Disc Golf
Cost: Free with Retreat
9 Hole Full Length Course with Beginner and Professional tees.
Discs provided upon request.
Dodge Ball
Cost: Free with Retreat
Dodge ball court
Approx. Dodge balls are available at the court.
Field Games
Cost: Free with Retreat
Large 5 acre field for playing all types of field games.
Footballs, soccer balls, ultimate frisbees, cones, goals, and other game equipmnte is available upon request.
Cost: $10.00 per 100 paint balls.
Includes game time and equipment.
Fast Paced Paintball Games
Speedball is a game played with Paintball Markers on our specially designed course. Each game takes no more than 10 minutes. In Speedball, two teams of up to 10 players per team start at each end of the course. Upon starting the game by the referee, each team will try to get out all of the other teams players by hitting them with a paintball. PRBC currently has more than 40 Tippman brand paintball guns available.

All participants must have a Liability Release Form completed. Minors must have form signed by parents.
All participants must use Phantom Ranch paintballs and markers.
Cost: Free with Retreat
2 Softball fields with all the equipment needed for 16in softball
Equipment available at field.
Cost: $15 per hour of use with overnight retreat
Outdoor Tomahawk Throwing Range
Our outdoor tomahawk throwing range has 1 large target and throwing alley. A PR staff member will instruct and guide class.


Cost: $25 per hour per lifeguard. All waterfront activities must be supervised by a lifeguard.
Using canoes, rowboats, and kayaks
Use the boats to explore our beautiful lake. Whether you are intent on catching turtles and frogs just off our shores, or want to get out and see the lake, our boats are great for you. Boating is a seasonal activity and is not available during inclement weather. Groups are responsible to have leaders supervise this activity. During our summer camp a qualified waterfront staff supervises the whole waterfront.
Cost: Free with Retreat
Come and fish on our great lake
You are welcome to bring all of your fishing gear and try and catch the next big one. Our spring fed lake is great for fishing all year round and has bass, northern, pan fish, catfish, and gar. Fisherman over 16 years old need to purchase a Wisconsin fishing license from the DNR.
Cost: Starting at $25.00 per hour per lifeguard. Minimum 2 lifeguards.
Rates listed are for guest groups. Swimming is included for summer camps.
The swimming area has a great variety of fun things for you to play on. You can go and blob your friend, hang out on the water mat and then play a game of water basketball. There is also a small slide and a shallow area that is great for younger kids. Lifeguards must be present to swim and this is available from late May until mid September, or as weather dictates.
Cost: $20 for single riders, $10 for double riders
Single or double tubing
Experience a thrilling ride with our experienced drivers. We will give you any type of ride that you want, whether you are young and want to go slow, or are in high school and want us to try and throw you off the tube. This is a great activity if you have never done it. Tubing is a seasonal activity.
Water Skiing
Cost: $30 per person per half hour
Water Skiing on two, one, or trick skis, barefoot, kneeboarding, and wakeboarding.
Learn how to ski or hone your skills here at camp! Our instructors will give you all the guidance you need on any skiing event whether you are a beginner or are very experienced. Usually it is a 10 minute ride, or three attempts. Skiing is a seasonal activity.


Cost: Free with Retreat
Large Sledding Hill
Sleds are provided. Adult supervision required by guest groups.
Toboggan Chute
Cost: Free with Retreat
100 yd + chute
Toboggans are provided. Adult supervision required by guest groups.
Cost: Free with Retreat
Large Tube Hill
Tubes are provided. Adult supervision required by guest groups.
Broom Ball
Cost: Free with Retreat
Two broomball courts available.
Equipment is provided at the beach for broomball on the ice. We keep the two courts cleared of snow. More than 20 sticks and broom balls available.
50/50 Bring A Friend
Retreats. Our mission is to help people draw closer to God through great camp experiences.
High School Mission Team. You can serve and grow where you love to be.

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