Girl Scouts Clinics

Girls Scouts Horsemanship Clinics

A Girl Scout Horsemanship Clinic is a great way for your troop to enjoy a horse ride, work on a badge, and have fun!

  • We will design the clinic to meet the needs of your troop.
  • Listed below are common clinic descriptions. Each clinic can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your group.
  • A troop can also schedule a trail ride if they do not want the full clinic.
  • Troops are allowed to bring horse treats to feed the horses. You can find recipes on the internet (please check the recipe ingredients with horsemanship staff).


Please make note of the following conditions.

  • All riders for must be at least 9 years old.
  • Minimum attendance is at least 6, maximum is 30. Groups over 10 will be split into two groups, groups over 20 will be split into three groups and may need more time.
  • Helmets are provided for all riders, though participants may bring their own ASTM/SEI approved riding helmets. Our staff will check and approve helmet before riding.
  • There is a $150 deposit to hold your clinic day and time. The deposit must be paid upon receipt of the emailed agreement. It is non-refundable if canceled less than two weeks before event.

We have curriculums for the following all Girl Scout age levels.

Level 1 Clinic

Average Time Length: 1h 30m
Fee: $40 per student
Our basic clinic teaches general knowledge of caring for horses and riding. The package fee includes a trail ride and our Horse Care Class. Parents and troop leaders may accompany the girls on the trail ride for $30.00 per adult or leader.
The horse care lessons will cover the following topics: basic horse care skill, feeding, grooming, saddling, facility upkeep, equine industry careers.

Level 2 Clinic

Time Length: 2h15m
Fee: $75 per student

This badge teaches beginner horsemanship skills. It is a 2h15m clinic with a maximum of 15 students, they will be divided into groups of 5 or less. For troops with more than 15 girls, we can extend the clinic another hour for and extra $25 - maximum 20.

There are three parts to this clinic:
Part 1 - Horsemanship safety
Part 2- Learn and practice how to groom and tack a horse
Part 3- A riding lesson teaching communicating with a horse while riding, this will accommodate all skill levels in the troop

If troops would like to build on this class, they may schedule additional lessons.

Booking Contact

For more information or to schedule an activity with our Horsemanship Program, please contact Horsemanship Director, Krista Mayer at 262-363-6940.

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