Horsemanship Lessons

Rider Independence

At Phantom Ranch we teach ‘Rider Independence’. This means students are taught all aspects of horsemanship. Students are taught how to catch, groom, daily care and basic groundwork and riding techniques. Alongside all instruction is constant guidance of how to communicate well with the horse.

Understanding horse behavior is a key aspect to staying safe and communicating well with your horse.

Lessons for all Ages

We offer lessons for all ages.
Private Lessons - $45.00 per student.
Semi-private Lessons (2-3 students) - $35.00 per student.
Students under 10 years old must take private lessons.

Contact Krista Mayer, Horsemanship Director, to schedule a lesson. Krista can be reached at the camp office: 262-363-6940, or by email.

Equine Partners Program

For families or individuals over 16, cost is $300 per horse per month.

Enjoy the benefits of Equine Partnership!

This program is for individuals and families looking to grow in their horsemanship skills and engage in a positive barn community. Membership will help to increase confidence and awareness that carry into everyday life. This is a great way to enjoy the perks of owning a horse without the daily responsibilities and typical costs.

This program fits most ages and levels of skill. Individual lessons are required before joining the program to assess and/or build skills necessary. With a wide range of horses to choose from, members with previous riding or horse ownership experience will find this program engaging and challenging.

This is an inexpensive alternative to owning and caring for a horse of your own. One or more family members can partner with the same horse and enjoy group learning and reduce costs.

Monthly Program Includes:
  • Two 90 minute group lessons
  • Obstacle practice sessions
  • Discounted additional lessons
  • Horse, tack and equipment usage
  • Click here to send an email message to Krista Mayer.

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