High School Mission Team is about discipleship and personal growth.
High School Mission Team
Photo of the High School Mission Team at Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo, Wisconsin

High Schoolers, in grades 10-12 the Fall of 2022 can apply to learn and serve at the Ranch through our High School Mission Team (HSMT). The HSMT is designed to offer students in-depth exposure to camp ministry, Bible studies, teamwork and work skills.

All participants must be accepted into the HSMT program, participation is not automatic. There is an on-line application, and reference forms will need to be submitted. It is designed for mature Christian young people who desire to increase in their Christian walk, serve God, and learn about camp. Maximum capacity for Phase I is 24.

Phase 1 Discipleship Training Week: June 19-June 24, 2022. Check in is at 4:00pm on Sunday, June 19, pick up is on Saturday, June 14, 4:00 pm (the pick up time is subject to change). HSMT campers stay in a cabin with a counselor.

Phase 2 Work Training Week - Participants may request one of the following 2022 weeks for Phase 2.
July 3-8, July 10-15, July 17-22. HSMT campers staff in the staff cabin supervised by the Staff Supervisor. Each day is spent shadowing staff at different work department of camp. Potential work departments include: dish crew, kitchen, waterfront, maintenance, wrangler, housekeeping, canteen/crafts, program, cabin counselor.

Phase 3 Winter Superteen Retreat - All HSMT particpants are invited to attend the winter Superteen Retreat at Phantom Ranch. December Date TBA.


To support this program we have a fee of $550.00 per person. This covers the basic expenses for the program, including a rock climbing trip (canceled due to Covid), a T-Shirt and the Phase 3 Superteen Retreat. Upon acceptance to the Mission Team $150.00 is due with in 2 weeks, the balance is due upon arrival. As an extra bonus, if a HSMT participant signs up for another camp session they will receive a $100 discount for that session (limited to one session).


HSMT is lead by Dan Mayer, camp's Program Director and a Moody Bible Institute Alumnus and graduate student studying Youth Ministry Leadership with Huntington Universtiy. He teaches the Discipleship sessions and oversees the entire program. There is a female and male staff member that assists with Phase I programming and supervision.

Schedule (basic):

Phase 1 - Early portion of this week will be spent off grounds at the Devil's Lake State Park. HSMT campers will sleep in tents, hike the surrounding trails and go rock climbing. Actual dates at Devil's Lake and daily schedule are still to be determined. Spiritual discipline sessions include sharing the Gospel, sharing one's testimony, learning from God's Word, deeper prayer life.

Phase 2 - Morning God Time; Breakfast; Department Meeting and Prayer; Work Training; Lunch; Work Training; Dinner; Free Time / Evening Staff Activity

Optional Expenses:

The canteen is like the camp bank and store; you may deposit money into your account and then use that money to purchase candy, soda, souvenirs, or whatever else is for sale. You may also withdraw money from this account to pay for some optional staff activities during your time at camp. In addition, your account will stay open during the week of Phase II. Any money you have not spent will be returned to you at the end of your 'Work Training' week.

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