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Please contact Mark Green at 262-363-6940 for more information or to schedule your outdoor education event.

Outdoor Education

As a venue for Outdoor Education, Phantom Ranch delivers quality educational trips for the students and faculty of numerous schools. Our many years of experience has enabled us to provide ideal and affordable settings for your teaching needs. We understand that religious education may not be a part of your Outdoor Education program. With a facility enabling quality instruction, fun opportunities, tasty food service, and a wide variety of programs, Phantom Ranch is the best choice for your Outdoor Education needs.


To assist your educational goals we have prepared a variety of classes that can be taught at Phantom Ranch. With all equipment, class outlines, and learning objectives readied in advance, you'll have more quality time to spend with your students in this unique learning environment. Our informative curriculum is designed to be taught by you, your staff, or parents. Certain classes must be facilitated by trained Phantom Ranch staff, as noted.

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