Paintball Information
Have fun working as a team in a playing field mixed with grassy knolls and trees.


Paintball takes place on our Speedball course.

Each game takes no more than 10 minutes. In Speedball, two teams of up to 11 players per team start at each end of the course. Typically, all games are elimination based. The first team to eliminate the other team's players by hitting them with a paintball or forcing them to surrender wins the match.
Other variations of the game may be introduced, such as; capture the flag.

PRBC currently has more than 30 Tippmann brand FT12 marker's available. Full face protection goggles are provided. Players can use their own goggles upon inspection from Phantom Ranch Rec Staff. Players may not use their own paintball markers or paint per insurance mandates. Games are refereed by Phantom Ranch Rec Staff.

Liability Release

All participants must have a Liability Release Form completed.
Minors must have form signed by parents.

Download a Liability Release in Adobe Acrobat.

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