• Meals are served at set times of 8:15 am, 12:15 pm, 5:30 pm.
  • Well balanced meals which are usually served family style (exceptions are some buffet lines for certain menus).
  • We are also able to accommodate special diets for allergies and other medical conditions. A variety of menu choices are provided at every meal to accommodate non-meat diets.


  • 13 cabins and 3 guest rooms.
  • Each group is assigned housing which will be used only by that group.
  • Each group will be assigned enough cabins to accomodate your groups with at least 80% occupancy for each cabin.


  • Cabins have between 12 and 20 beds
  • Each cabin has an internal bathroom with at least one shower, lavatory, two sinks.
  • Most cabins have constant supply water heaters so all occupants can be assured of having hot showers.
  • Bedding and linens are not provided.

Guest Rooms

  • Guest Rooms are available on a reservation basis.
  • Use of a guest room has an additional fee of $40.00 per stay
  • Guest rooms have a queen bed with bedding, and a bunk bed (no bedding), and a private bathroom.

Bonfires and Ampatheater

  • Groups can schedule a bonfire at one of our three bonfire areas.
  • There is no charge for bonfiires.
  • We have a 150 person ampatheater that your group may request for outdoor meetings.
50/50 Bring A Friend
Retreats. Our mission is to help people draw closer to God through great camp experiences.
High School Mission Team. You can serve and grow where you love to be.

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