Triple W Horsemanship
Session for older middle school girls with a high focus on horsemanship skills and 18+ hours at the barn.

Date July 3rd - July 8th 2022

Grade Girls 7 - 9th

Session Fee $630

Grades entering Fall 2022

Two options for submitting payment.

Option One A check mailed to our office

Option Two Using your credit card

$150 required to confirm your registration.

Registration is not open.

Summer Camp registration will begin January 1, 2022. Please call the office at 262-363-6940 if you have any questions.

Session Description

The Triple W session has the most horse and barn hours of the four Triple W sessions. Girls are assigned a horse after a riding assessment at the beginning of the week. Wranglers teach the basics of grooming, tacking and partnering with your horse. Campers develop riding skills through overcoming basic obstacles and experiencing a variety of horse handling situations. At the end of the week, campers showcase their weeks-worth of training with an obstacle course demo for parents.

Triple W does not coincide with another middle school session resulting in the opportunity for unique chapels. Sometimes they have teaching sessions around a campfire in The Garden. Sometimes they are on horseback while the sun sets. Others times they are inside with acoustic music. All teaching is designed to be applicable for middle school campers from all walks of life and help them become better lifelong followers of Jesus.

Phantom Ranch staff actively teach campers how to have fun together and treat each other with respect, paying close attention to coed interactions.

All Phantom Ranch staff are screened then trained in a variety of topics including our child protection policies and helping campers conquer homesickness.

Session Details

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Packing Information

HORSEMANSHIP GEAR — riding boots or smooth soled shoes with 1" heel (NOT gym shoes), comfortable socks for riding boots, jeans or breeches for the week, appropriate athletic tops, a stretching/yoga mat; riding helmet is provided.

CABIN — basic bedding for a twin-size mattress (pillow, sheets/sleeping bag/blanket), bath towel (different from beach towel) and toiletries (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste).

WATERFRONT — beach towel (different from bath towel), quick drying sandals (easy to identify among similar sandals; shoes are required when not at the waterfront), sunscreen, non-revealing one piece or tankini swim suit, and swim shirt (with SPF is good).

AROUND CAMP — labeled, reusable water bottle (available for purchase in the camp store), clothes to get dirty in, close-toed footwear (not just flip-flops), active footwear, rain jacket, pants and flashlight

BIBLE — Bible's often get damaged or lost while at camp. Please do not send a family Bible, oversized, or one with sentimental value. Please make sure the camper's name and accurate contact information is in the Bible. Campers do not need to bring their own Bible, but campers are encouraged to follow along with their own Bible. Phantom Ranch has Bibles on hand for use and purchase. All Bible verses being used and taught are made available for campers.

OPTIONAL — secondary swim suit, swim goggles (consider cheap goggles in case of loss), camera, personal paintball goggles/pads, fishing gear.

Call/email for clarification on what to bring items.

Do Not Bring

Please do NOT BRING — personal horse brushes or tack, mobile phones, tablets, music devices, video game players, laptops, smoking/vaping devices, knives, paintball and airsoft guns, fireworks, sparklers, or similar items, cash (turn in all cash at check in to be entered into the camper's store account).

Phantom Ranch will not be held responsible for lose, theft, or damage to items brought to camp. Phantom Ranch staff will collect and secure the above items and return them at the end of the week. For clarification on our Do Not Bring list and policy please call/email.

Typical Daily Schedule

7:00 Wake Up and Cabin Cleaning
8:00 Flag Raising
8:15 Breakfast
9:15 Morning Chapel
9:45 Cabin Discussions
10:30 Horsemanship Time
12:15 Lunch
1:00 In Cabin
2:00 Camp Activity
3:00 Camper Choice
(Waterfront, Paintball, Horses available)
5:15 Flag Lowering
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Group Game
8:00 Chapel
9:45 Night Activity + Fruit Snack
11:00 In Cabin
11:30 Lights Out

Note: This schedule is subject to change.

2022 Summer Camp Sessions and Dates

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AdventurersGirls Grades 3-57/3 - 7/8$510
RoughridersBoys Grades 3-57/3 - 7/8$510
Triple W HorsemanshipGirls Grades 7-97/3 - 7/8$630
DiscoverersGirls Grades 6-87/10 - 7/15$540
Discoverers HorsemanshipGirls Grades 6-87/10 - 7/15$630
PathfindersBoys Grades 6-87/10 - 7/15$540
YoungteenCoed Grades 7-97/17 - 7/22$540
Youngteen HorsemanshipGirls Grades 7-97/17 - 7/22$630
SuperteenCoed Grades 9-127/24 - 7/29$550
Superteen HorsemanshipGirls Grades 9-127/24 - 7/29$630
Grades entering Fall 2022
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