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General Information About Summer Staff

Summer staff are hired to work a specific number of weeks ranging from 1 week volunteers up to 15 weeks of a salaried position. The minimum number of weeks for a salaried position is 3 weeks. All staff must be qualified and willing to be a counselor (some exceptions apply). Staff will be assigned to one or more positions/job assignments, and these assignments may rotate from week to week depending upon our camp schedule. In most cases, staff will know their one to three areas in which they will be assigned on their staff agreement.

The time that staff spend not working is important to the staff, and it is important to the over all goals and purposes of Phantom Ranch. During off hours staff often help different areas around camp, or with staff activities. Musicians are needed for worship and praise singing during staff chapel. Volunteers may be needed to help with large group games. Staff R.A.s help promote unity, moral, and an atmosphere of discipleship throughout the summer. Camp staff are able to use the wide variety of camp activities.

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Photo of staff working2Phantom Ranch provides 4 weeks of summer camp sessions for which we need to provide qualified, trained counselors for the campers. Staff who are hired to be counselors will be assigned one to four weeks of counseling. The average person counsels 3 weeks. Being a counselor can be demanding so we will schedule staff to work in another position, otherwise there may be a pay bonus for people who counsel all four weeks.

Each cabin group consists of two counselors and between 8 and 14 students. The counselors work with a different co-counselor each week starting on Sunday 2:00 pm and ending on Saturday noon. This is considered a 24/7 job.

Primarily the counselors are responsible for the care and well being of their campers, ensuring that they take part in all aspects of the camp program and schedule. There is opportunity for small group Bible teaching, skills practice, one-on-one interaction, playing and assisting with games and activities, and much more. The counselors are responsible to our Program Director and the Session Director.

Within the counseling framework the counselors have different responsibilities and several tasks will be assigned to them. These tasks will vary from session to session. Some of our sessions are highly centralized (meaning that one program director takes care of most of the scheduled and activities) and other sessions are more decentralized (meaning that the counselors are required to have more input and flexibility in the actions of the campers and the program).

Counselors are key to the success of the program, making a campers week the best it can be, and hopefully the best week of their lives. A good counselor will have a great impact on their campers, discipling their campers in their Christian faith, having a great time, trying new things, and serving God through serving others.

Staff Supervisor

The Staff Supervisor functions like the RA at a college. They are responsible to maintain the spiritual and physical needs of the Summer Staff throughout the summer.

Waterfront Manager

The Waterfront Manager leads the Waterfront and the Waterfront Staff.

Crafts and Canteen

Photo of staff working0The canteen is the camp store where guests and campers can purchase candy, soda, ice cream, shirts, novelties and souvenirs. Crafts are available through the summer to the campers. The staff who work in this area get to work with the campers, and will get to know their names and can show how much we care about them. They also need keep their area clean, well stocked, and promote sales of canteen items and crafts.

This area has one summer staff director who needs to commit to this job all summer. The rest of the staff will rotate in this area on a weekly basis when they are not counseling. In most cases, some of the craft and canteen staff (not counting the director) will be assigned to housekeeping in the morning.

Craft and canteen staff generally work in the morning prepping their areas and helping around camp where necessary. They will spend the afternoon operating the canteen and the craft area. There are some evenings where they need to open the canteen. They are also needed to help on Sundays (Starting at 3:00 pm) for camper registration and on Saturdays for camp clean up and camper check out (ending around noon).

Dish Crew

Dish Crew is a very important, though often overlooked, part of camp. The dish crew is responsible for setting tables before meals, seeing that all drinks get on the tables, washing all the dishes after each meal, and maintaining a clean kitchen and dining hall. Dish crew works all three meals each day with a short break after breakfast and a longer one after lunch. They are required to be to the dining one hour before each meal.

This area has one dish crew supervisor who overseas the rest of the dish crew. They are responsible for making sure each job is done correctly and answer directly to the Food Service Director. They are also in charge of assigning and rotating the dish crew staff through the different jobs in this area. This position is a permanent one, whereas the rest of the dish crew may change from week to week.


Phantom Ranch has a dynamic horsemanship program that provides trail rides, clinics, private and group lessons, and horse training. Energetic staff who love horses and all things horse related are needed to work in this vital area of camp. During our week long rental camps and summer sessions we provide trail rides to our campers. Throughout the spring, summer and fall, we provide horsemanship clinics for girl scout groups, and people from the community come in for lessons.

The Horsemanship staff work under our Horsemanship director, and other summer positions are Trail Ride Manager, Assistant Director, Horse Trainer, and wranglers. General knowledge of horses is required, but most skills will be taught during training. The Trainer must be skilled in training horses.

Generally the Horsemanship staff work in the mornings and afternoons providing scheduled rides, clinics and lessons. During our Horsemanship camps (Triple W or Advanced W) the horsemanship staff will be required to take an active part in the program. They are also needed to help on Sundays (Starting at 3:00 pm) for camper registration and on Saturdays for camp clean up and camper check out (ending around noon).


Photo of staff working0Keeping the camp clean is very important to our ministry, and finding people who see cleaning as a valuable ministry is vital. The housekeeping staff keep the meeting rooms, public bathrooms, office clean. They also assist counselors in keeping the cabins clean. This area has a director and will share staff with the Craft and Canteen area.

Housekeeping staff generally work in the morning on cleaning assignments and helping around camp where necessary. They will spend the afternoon operating the canteen and the craft area. There are some evenings where they need to open the canteen. They are also needed to help on Sundays (Starting at 3:00 pm) for camper registration and on Saturdays for camp clean up and camper check out (ending around noon).

Kitchen Staff

The kitchen is one of the most vital parts of camp life. Food that is hot, on time, and tastes good is essential to keeping our campers and staff happy as well as not interrupting the flow of each day. The main job of the kitchen staff is to assist the Food Service Director, in meal preparation, clean up, and set up.

Kitchen staff is needed throughout the summer as we provide food service not only for our four sessions in July, but also for all of our guest groups in June and August. Most of our sessions start Sunday night for dinner and end Saturday after breakfast. Kitchen staff is required to be available for all meals, though you may not work every meal, including Sunday dinner (starting around 3:00 pm) and Saturday breakfast (ending around 12:00 pm).


Behind the scenes, diligently working, often without recognition the maintenance crew keeps the camp looking great, functioning well, and getting better. This crew works under the direction of our Maintenance Director doing everything from cutting the grass, to repairs, landscaping, building new activities, baling hay, and even the garbage run. Whatever they are doing, they know that they are making the camp better, more enjoyable for our guests.

The maintenance staff generally work in the morning and afternoon on projects or work assignments, they may need to help in the evenings for a special programming need. They are also needed to help on Sundays (Starting at 3:00 pm) for camper registration and on Saturdays for camp clean up and camper check out (ending around noon).

Program Staff

The program staff are the staff who work with and support the the sessions and activities. This staff is highly concerned with making sure that the campers and guests have the best week possible. The program staff include paintball supervisor, video production, program assistants and the Program Staff.

This staff need to be available throughout each day and evening to get their assignments completed, or to help with activities. The video production people work on shooting and editing summer sessions and must get their assignments done by the Friday deadline. The paintball supervisor must make sure that he equipment and field is ready go as scheduled. They also need to be available on Sundays during camper check in and on Saturdays until the campers go home. This is considered a 24/7 job. There are greater responsibilities but also greater potential rewards.

Waterfront Staff

Photo of staff working2Spending time at the waterfront is one of the favorite activities during the summer. A well run, safe swimming area, boating area, and skiing/tubing program are very important to our guests, campers and the fun of Phantom Ranch. The waterfront operates all summer long for our guest groups and our summer sessions.

Positions are Waterfront Director, Assistant Waterfront Director, Skiing Instructor/Ski Boat Driver, lifeguards, and gate guard. Waterfront staff (with exception of the gate guards) must have current certification in Red Cross Lifeguard Training or equivalent.

Waterfront staff generally work throughout the morning prepping the waterfront, guard throughout the afternoon during swim times, and some evenings water/wet games and free swim are available. They also are needed to help on Sundays for camper registration (Starting at 3:00 pm), and on Saturdays for camp clean up and camper pick up (ending around noon).

The ski boat driver is the primary driver for the ski boat for the scheduled skiing and tubing rides for our guests. Depending on the situation they will need to be able to teach people how to ski or how to ski better. The ski boat driver is also responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the ski boat and the pontoon boats.

Housekeeping and Canteen Manager

Oversee and manage staff working on housekeeping and in the canteen.

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